Our sweet baby just loves to stand in her crib and by the coffee table. She has even tried balancing herself without holding onto anything and has even taken a few little steps on 2 different occasions!

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Adair and his sweet angel!


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Baby dedication day!


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The Name Spelling

So it is official I guess :) as little miss Winter to be has gotten her first gift with her name on it… So the spelling shall be Natili Elisabeth Winter :)

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Baby Room Update

The baby room has come a long way! It went from nearly flat tan walls to being sanded, holes covered with mud twice, primed, textured, and primed again… to sum it up as best as I can. Natili and I give a big thank you to our hard workers… first and foremost daddy Adair, and grandpa Raymond Winter :) The next and most exciting stage is goint to be painting!! YAY! We’ve decided to axe the chair rail since the low white windowsils break up the room enough. So the walls will be all green (quite prairie) and the seiling will be the cream (soft cream).. and of course the room will be decorated with pink and brown. I am so very excited, I can’t wait to see it all done and decorated by the baby shower, and there will be pictures to come!

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